Don’t feed on tears, little one,

don’t feed on tears.

Ignore the call of ash and dust,

and overwhelming fears.

Shush, quiet when the dark

comes, and stifling heavy rain,

Don’t let it cloak and bind you,

with bitterness and pain.

Hush my child, reach for Jesus,

listen to His call,

and His blessing is upon your life

when you feebly call.




Self deception, “The Heart is Deceitful”

Step inside the door,

strange wan light, velvet curtain

and the muffled sound

of rearranging the mirrors,

bending pale lights here and there.


Clear sight, dismal rock;

thunder clouds clap and sizzle-

black oceans thrust up

blanket sand, voice in quiet,

still thank him, soul, and praise Him.

Necromancy (speaking to the dead) Is Forbidden!


Be on alert for “professing Christians” who speak to the dead!  It matters not if they are dead: relatives, friends, family, wives, husbands, children, neighbors, saints from the Bible, apostles, preachers, teachers!  We have been commanded to not be involved in communication with the dead for any purpose!

glenda_good_witchThose that do this, should be treated as Witches!  There’s no such things as a “Good Witch”, they serve Satan! Pray for their deliverance! New Age and occult practices have infiltrated believers and many are being caught unawares. 


Be very careful what you read and share on the internet;  that includes:  blogs, emails and videos.  There is absolutely no exception to talking to the dead! NONE!  It matters not what “Christianese” words folks are using like:  “Throne Room of Grace, White Light, Vision”.  Speaking to the dead is forbidden and those doing this will be sent to Hell unless they repent!


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