Don’t feed on tears, little one,

don’t feed on tears.

Ignore the call of ash and dust,

and overwhelming fears.

Shush, quiet when the dark

comes, and stifling heavy rain,

Don’t let it cloak and bind you,

with bitterness and pain.

Hush my child, reach for Jesus,

listen to His call,

and His blessing is upon your life

when you feebly call.



World Advice

Solemn council has it’s downfalls,

feet plant on his filtered sightings,

pursed lips.

Animation is key,

swarovski crystals in the eye.

mistaken as that angel of light,

still God’s council will stand.

People pleaser

Pander golden tongue, your bargains sprinkled with desperation’s manic song;

quiet prayer breathed, exhaled,

generous his deed,

the cold heart turns.

Grace in Trouble

Soot and slime,

slowly blanket landscape.

Clenched fist strikes the ground-

Yet there are kindnesses still-

our pocket watch

ticks dutifully,

Wildfire flames

crawl to boundaries

where dew has sprinkled-

throw off prisms

From the sun that rises on the just

and the unjust.

Look Up!

(I think it began with me looking at my feet)

Shuffle into the labyrinth, size ten feet with crooked big toes;

(stay in your lines, count-check-count-check-count-check)

square-lined linoleum, occasional course corrections into walls-

I think maybe i left my mind in the corners-

with the snickering dust-bunnies and saltine crumbs?

(Dang it, lost count- begin again, by fours, count-check-count-check and hop!)

Inadequate Words

Letters fall,

snowflake and sound;

I gather, they slip

onto clay ground;

try to gather them up

then they melt,

now substance and pearl

can’t be found.