Don’t feed on tears, little one,

don’t feed on tears.

Ignore the call of ash and dust,

and overwhelming fears.

Shush, quiet when the dark

comes, and stifling heavy rain,

Don’t let it cloak and bind you,

with bitterness and pain.

Hush my child, reach for Jesus,

listen to His call,

and His blessing is upon your life

when you feebly call.




For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.
Galatians 5:1 ESV


Forever His name lives,

lift up his love on high;

Overreach the globe,

past expanse of sky.

Measuring eyes-

view the nations,

down to every weeping child-

palms grip passing time



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Sonnet Attempt

These dewdrops are the jewels you offer,

they’re crafted though the chiseling words through time

the honey-suckle softly breathes, I see,

the creek nearby expels it’s soothing rhyme.


bread, my milk, sustenance can feed

your generous decree to labors sweat-

the joy of songs, of leisure blessed indeed

my time, my health, my portion I will get.


Still I know songs are written of these joys,

that still will seem to make this life complete;

this life can become all with its alloys,

though the state of my soul is defeat.


I see this perfect life lay down for me,

when I am bought with crimson currency.