Don’t feed on tears, little one,

don’t feed on tears.

Ignore the call of ash and dust,

and overwhelming fears.

Shush, quiet when the dark

comes, and stifling heavy rain,

Don’t let it cloak and bind you,

with bitterness and pain.

Hush my child, reach for Jesus,

listen to His call,

and His blessing is upon your life

when you feebly call.




Counsel has it’s downfalls, reliance on man’s filtered sighings, and pursed lips.

Animation is the key, a sparkle in the eye a must can be mistaken as angel of light. God’s council only will stand.


Curled, claws sting exit blood, the life shreds of facial skin, tissue-raw, reddened welt back.

hefted wood splintered weight

yet no flinch,

cries still floating.


Fishing line on eyebrow


. Small, sensitive, single song died;

tears follow, follow, follow-til Christ sets you free.


Pander, your bargains sprinkled with desperation quiet prayer breathed.

Answers come quickly,

generous His deed-and the cold heart turns.