Diet of Teenagers Leftovers

Don’t ever let them

fool you,

Don’t ever let them


toddler’s food

is the only

diet forced on

parents day.

Just yesterday

forgot breakfast;

had a sandwich

end with ham-

dregs of

mocha coffee,

Brownies in a


My dinner consisted of

a quesadilla sliver,

Some watery sweet tea,

a mushy chunk

of liver;

some fishy-smelling


pizza crust

(that’s burnt),

milk with

cookies in it,

and an orange

(that’s turnt.)

My children young?

No, I say;


worse eaters

than babies

any day.


Acceptance of Truth

Tacked to cork,

(Maybe drywall)

hope in posters

words of rhyme.


pat sayings,

need truth

to grasp,

to find.



Makes for a

halfway jump-

Truth that sits

on heart’s surface

dries in

ashen clump.

Kids Limerick

God gave eyes different jobs than toes,

Your teeth don’t smell, like your nose;

gave your ear with it’s ring,

and your throat that can sing

and your cheeks the color of rose.


Turn aside,

from adversity, time-

to small,

airless caves

to preserve rhyme-

With rhythm’s


those days

with joy;

not the pain,

days that annoy.

So much


plods in a line,

preparations tests

’til Midnight’s


The Clouds glided,
concealing star by star-
with the sack of ivory ice
overturned gradually.
Muffled landings
form piles
soft layer
by layer-
Next dawn, the sun asserted her
rightful post,
coaxed the thick,icy coat to
rise back to the sky,
climbing wind and steam,
clinging to
what was dingy,
clean start in the remaining

A Snow Day with Kids


The schedule for today is as follows-

1. Put on layers of clothes. Take half an hour.
2. Put on your outside clothes; put on coat, hat, gloves (although you lost the mate to all your gloves, so you are wearing a mitten and a glove), and scarf.
3. Go outside, and rejoice at the beautiful, undisturbed whiteness.
4. Immediately go mess up the perfection with walking and impulsively dropping to do a snow angel.
5. Get up, slip back down. Realize your pants are really wet now, clear through your layers.
6. Throw a snowball at someone the same time they throw at you. Get hit in the face.
7. You have been out 5 minutes. Your pants are wet and cold, and your face stings. Decide to go in for hot chocolate.
8. Dropping everything you are wearing on the floor, you slip, pulling off your boot on the hard floor. Wonder if it would be safe to drive to the hospital if you broke your tailbone.
9. Stay inside for the next hour, nursing hot chocolate and watching youtube videos about dogs in the snow.
10. After the hour is up, repeat steps 1-9.

A Seeker’s Song

Thought to hang my head, and give myself to pains-

Still, the just shall live by faith.

Thought to sing my song, and raise my hands up high-

Still the just shall live by faith.

Thought if I could pray, to earnestly take the reins-

Still the just shall live by faith.

Thought if right words were lifted to the sky-

Still the just shall live by faith.

The end is drawing near, to His call respond-

I can choose Him, or choose to carry on…

Or hold on tight to that blessed hope, assurance in my heart,

Because the just shall live by faith.

Quintessential Quotes – Words of Wisdom from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela lived a life marked by extremes, from the depths of prison, to the heights of the South African Presidency.  He helped change a nation, and in so doing, helped change the world.

Mandela was born and raised in South Africa.  In 1944 he saw the National Party, the white-only government, establish apartheid, a system of racial segregation that gave privilege to whites.  Mandela became an activist and protester against the government and its racist policies.

In 1962 Mandela was arrested, tried and found guilty for political offenses and conspiring to overthrow the government.  He was sentenced to life in prison.

While in prison the world took notice of the racial injustice of apartheid, against which Mandela continued to be a strong voice.  After 27 years in prison, with the world watching, Mandela was released from prison.  He and F. W. de Klerk, the President of South Africa, negotiated…

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