Give God your time,
when time is long;
Give God your voice,
in praise and song.
Give God your tears,
while you feel,still-
Give God your sweat,
your youthful zeal.
Give God your work,
while there is light;
Give God your ways,
your will to fight.
Give God your love,
your mind, your heart;
Give God your life,
at it’s start.


Hesitant buds,
(coaxed by soft, gentle, cool rains,)
bold, violent; open in a delicate, bright beauty.
Sigh of a breeze released in its pollen dust,
still with an element/memory of
death’s recent frigid rule-
Edges of the dominion softened with
the gradual erosion of sharp bitterness.
Ground retracts it’s blanket of a blend-
red clay and sallow snow.
Angles blossom into adolescent development of
softness and beauty in the glossy leaves then the
Wedding day with sultry, shimmery air-
honeymoon in the stillness,
cicadas, crickets, birds serenade-
coconut-scented air intoxicating.
The aging approaches rapidly, brilliant silver years
pinch of cold air, and vivid, crisp burnt orange,
red, and mustard yellow,
til the last leaf has fallen into
sallow grasses, the night
unresponsiveness returns.

Shock value

Terms of beauty, scarlet blooms

unfurl in your face-

Vivid, eerie sharpness

in the thorns.

Cut off blooms,

leave the wilted corpse,

dripping stem

called beauty.

Strange neutrality

a hearts common response

so little distortion left

that will sear a callused mind.


Question your enneagrams, your type-indicator,
Aristotle theories;
wrap the descriptions around your throat,
a scarf you wear with pride.
Temperament vs. tabula rasa.
All serve some benefit,
but only cover cosmetically
compared to you being the King’s
little princess.