Fear has clenched these fetters,

among glass shattered tears-

and songs that I am singing

Through these passing years.

Question still remains

Are you still with me?

Am I your wayward daughter,

Will I ever see?

Can I call you Father, can I call you friend?

(light unapproachable

make it clear to me.)

Surrender Self

Take me on a journey,

please don’t let me fall-

take these ashy corners,

and damp cellar walls.

Walk with me the path,

free me from these chains;

grant me now a simple faith,

purge out all my stains.

Place in me a tender heart,

bearing fruit from you-

A joyous trust,

not that I must

but that is my desire-

surrender Self,

a holy health,

walk me through

the fire.

Broken Cisterns

Broken cisterns

are my comfort

Fog conceals

my winding road;

this ship has no port

nor can

carry on my load.

Bending low in my


tarrying in this

simple town

I am single in my nation

my walls are falling down.

Feed Me Hope

Talk to me,

gather your hope,

Sunbeams sowed,

In meadow rolls.

Talk to me for


Sing songs you sang

In your trial.

Let every word

Tell who I’m

supposed to be-

let living truth

now set me free.

Talk to me for


Talk to me.


Truth tears it’s clothing

Naked molecules, atoms

Marrow and vessel.

These elements are

disrobed, trembling, knees knocking

Blazed light rushing in.