Developed Talent

Screening reveals-

encouragement planted

starts as tender,

vulnerable buds-

poised to emerge from the ground.

Still prepare

black soil of diligence,

excellence, practice-

through boredom,

repetition, opposition.

Activate the struggle principle

for reaping the rainbow of

blossoms, gifts to turn their silken faces,

thankfully, to your Creator.




A Necessary Pain

If I spent less time on Facebook and more time in Your Face/

I’d be warrior enough to keep that enemy in his place/

What if the real estate in my mind ran out of space/

Because your word owned every corner, doubt is erased/

Perhaps, I’ll stop running after futility, running in one place/

Then my destiny would be attainable, now that’s a chase/

If I gave myself to your work, idleness there’s not a trace/

But first I’d have to get up and look fear in the face/

-Lady Jay

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Greetings loving friends!

He’s back!

Success Inspirers World

Hello friends!

You can’t imagine my joy to rejoin you. I went off abruptly because internet was cut off from my part of the country for political reasons. This has lasted three months. I was unable to let you know what had happened. I haven’t read anything around here yet. I thought I should first let you know I am back. Many thanks to all of you for keeping this site going. I’ll be saying more soon.

I love you.

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Victory Chant

A Necessary Pain

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

The Lord works miracles

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

I refuse to be hysterical

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Jesus most imperial

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Challenges must bow down

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Praise got me off the ground

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Demons tremble at the sound

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Yet will I trust, Jehovah Jireh

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Deficit not greater than my Provider

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Changing focus like a tire

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

In the battle, I’ll inspire

Hallelujah! Ha-le-lu-jah!

Made to win, it’s how I’m wired


“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear And will trust in the LORD.” Psalm 40:3

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay

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