Developed Talent

Screening reveals-

encouragement planted

starts as tender,

vulnerable buds-

poised to emerge from the ground.

Still prepare

black soil of diligence,

excellence, practice-

through boredom,

repetition, opposition.

Activate the struggle principle

for reaping the rainbow of

blossoms, gifts to turn their silken faces,

thankfully, to your Creator.


My Own Strength


My heart wrung itself today,

A song belted out a cry-

I knew the metal of it was my strength,

adamantium my reply.

Strongest stuff in the earth,

I will never fall, I recite;

(affirmations stated through numb lips)

even as it crumbled with my fight.

Brain fumbled for solid thought,

focus inside, draw from this strength-

that soon crumpled to a useless ball,

lost its width and length.

Thought it would be glorious,

like azalea’s blossoming petal;

guess that’s what you end up with

when you trust in pretend metal.



(2 Corinthians 12:9-But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.)

Second Guessing

So many maligned my self-doubt

said confidence is mostly what it’s about.

Still when my boat was thrown ’round the tempestuous sea,

of possible ego,  self-discernment to flee;

I was grateful for anchors of questions and doubts,

to whittle, to carve when my words played out.

God’s Substitution

Watch the fettered feet, thirst turns to yearning-

sallow face, eyes listless, pale with dead hope.

These hands a touch of silk on the thin arm.

Warm and soft embrace; face round, smooth, a smile

couldn’t see blazing eyes of flint and storms.


Charismatic Leader

Brilliant, bold, brash-

Smiling , persuasive.

Words magnetic, so many flock to

Suckle their speech like lifeblood.




Note:  I should probably specify this is not at any charismatic preachers.  It was meant toward any leader with charisma, whether political or any other group.

Speaking Love

All the singing voices pound out their lasting melody,

with a thud, and single notes crashing louder than the sea.

Foaming lace from quick immersion, persuasion is in store,

individual in it’s time, authentic voice creeps over shore-

and others hatred flutters to willing bitter lips,

and the truth that told, the truth they hear from their ear slips.

Birthday Blessing, Haiku

Listen to His call,

let your heart be tender, sweet,

answer Him early.


Seek Him everywhere,

He promises you will find

when it’s all your heart.


Pray your name’s meaning,

wisdom spoken to your life,

you will know the truth.


Initial explosion,

Set off by pressure of soft kisses.

Faults in peripheral


Tender forgiveness


extended quickly, and

only the lofty, silly

words with

hyperboles of universes

and deep seas

make sense.