John 3:17


taken to the wall,

fragments fly.

Inside cold,

black with mold,

termites and larvae;

maybe the random

disease carrying mouse

bolts in fear.

The point not to destroy

or tear down for its own sake-

newly constructed wall,

my new heart.

He came not with the purpose of


but to rebuild entirely.

Save the wall,

a new life in this house.

Idealism Without Empathy

Don’ t hold my torch up
In idealistic ignorance-
There are no pink scars on your hands
Like mine.
Your tears from your
Romantic compassions
Aren’t from empathy,
I am not your project,
I am not your mission.
Let the barbs pierce your heart,
Tender love bleeding from the opening,
Then we will fight together.


Struggle with the solidified

root of bitterness,

flowering in its time-

bursts of orange, red, blue firework fury

without the fireman,

hose in hand, to saturate


Prayers to be enveloped, soothe

the path of forgiveness;

somehow understanding’s

penetration gives permission

to cancel the debt.



Long, uneven fingers

adapted to nails

reaching over fingertips

can type 200 words a minute;

quick, harsh, glib statements

posted over social media.

Strange patience

with your furry yarn

stitch in, stitch in,

so many repetitions-

anger on standby

even when the knots are

malformed, fail.

There is Nothing New



for the new!

Jewel discovered by the youth-

the treasures the cynical seek

have been under their noses!

Progressive titles get the cheer,

the raised fist

with rapidly pounding hearts,

nod of approval

unbidden tears-

golden veneer over the recycled


will peel someday.


Skin numb hide,

Heart frozen to just the moment in pain, put on


the intellect speaks it’s monotone

whisperings, platitudes;

coax out emotions

buried to a primitive

safe in the limbic system.

Sometimes, there are no words,

no songs, no warm touches to comfort.