Night Poem

Sunset, stage set-

light lingers rose,

before surrendering

to night.

Stars, moon,

coolness and clarity.

inspiration to

so many poets.


Melancholy just vomits

metaphors, that are

so hard to reach with


when you have

temporal joy,

with neither thanks

nor overflow.



Flashlight, internally focused,

more questions than answers.

The more earnest the search,

the blurrier vision becomes.

Turned to seek through others

accumulated knowledge,

self-quizzes, fragments of behavior.

Strengths, categories, labels both despised

and grasped, white-knuckled,

to the tattered capes of temperament.

Knowledge, self-analysis,

continued revision, reassurance, reaction-

wild, cold initial pride,

buoyed on emptiness.

Key component missing.

Need to rest on who Jesus declares me to be,

when I look to Him.



All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. NLT(1 Corinthians 13:12b).

Discovery in the flaws…

Shattered in Him

After much work editing and formatting, I looked over the proof copy that arrived. I wasn’t sure what I would discover, but I didn’t expect to see all of the flaws and imperfections. There were stray commas peppered on the pages, spacing didn’t seem to be aligned, and words missing started jumping out at me. How could that be? Did I not investigate for hours on end to ensure it would all be ‘just right’?

That sensation of defeat and discouragement was starting to slither along beside me with accusations aimed to silence me or convince me to give up. I felt prepared to start replacing copies, feeling as if those tiny flaws and imperfections were magnifying the flaws and imperfections of my life. I suppose if we hold a magnifying glass to ourselves and each other, we will discover all of the faults we seek to find.

Don’t we…

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