Sit softly cloaked in silence,

His love should be my guide.

This self-affected introvert,

Must no longer hide.

Throw out their olive branch now,
Polite stiffness and some fear.

Emergence, halted, slowly,

Let out an open tear.

Speak as to a stone now,

To keep a conscience clear,

Not quite a real person,

Still your voice has cheer.


Solidarity Support Challenge day 222

Success Inspirers World

Welcome to a new blogging day!

This challenge is based on the principle of solidarity. It’s like people come together today and contribute money and give to A; tomorrow they will contribute and give to B. The next day they will contribute and give to C.

When the round finishes they start all over. Team work pays. But team members must be responsible, committed and honest. Do not fail to contribute for another member.

Here are the BLOGGERS OF today (Thursday December 29) AND THEIR BLOGS:

134. Upasana

135. Idle Muser

136. Jenita.

137. Amulya_Writes

138. Macbofisbil
Mac’s World

Rules of the game:
1. Visit all five blogs,
2. Like and comment on all five blogs.

If you are not in this blogging community and like to join, go here.
Happy blogging!

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Night Poem

Sunset, stage set-

light lingers rose,

before surrendering

to night.

Stars, moon,

coolness and clarity.

inspiration to

so many poets.


Melancholy just vomits

metaphors, that are

so hard to reach with


when you have

temporal joy,

with neither thanks

nor overflow.