Time does it’s duty,

Clocks do their thing-

Sundials work crudely.

Dawn pierces brutally,

Sun rays pale wing-

Time does it’s duty.

Clouds expand mutely,

Mockingbirds sing-

Sundials work crudely.

Sharp wind screams rudely,

Icy air stings-

Time does its duty.

Fish flirt lewdly,

Make huddle ring-

Sundials work crudely.

Winter has cruelty,

Crackling shards bring-

Time does its duty

Sundials work crudely.

(Mediocre attempt at villanelle. Definitely need to work on this form! It’s a challenge)

New Year

The year galloped, at some point passed to fall ahead of my path-

Still the decisions for love or languishing path breakers

Told me who I would be after this cramming milestone rush ends.

Count It All Joy

Need the strength to walk along
On tender, virgin feet-
To find that strange blurred
line where joy and sorrow meet.

With line, fret, played this song, acoustic was the sound-
The notes they rose, traveled miles
Until I was found.

Held to my faith just like a gem,
Worth everything it cost-
Waiting for my deliverance, trust would not stay lost.

Reach Your Heart

Reached for you before space and time,

He will reach your heart this time.

Before stars gave their steady light,

He will reach your heart this time.

Like a flaming bonfire in the darkness,

He will reach your heart this time.

With passion and the love He has,

He will reach your heart this time.

Limped under the burden of that cross and knew

He will reach your heart this time

When the shadow over Earth did fall

He will reach your heart this time

Rose from death three days later,

He will reach your heart this time-

Now he calls you in your broken shame

He will reach your heart this time.


Days of glory

words ammunition

Tongues a claymore,

Rifle shells hit-

Backfire, scorch

Your own flesh;

Deflate you like a balloon,

Airs, authority, amour-propre

Stripped, soft-boned, shrunken.

Balanced Thinking

Bland, fatigued Negative

slides you to the left, sneakers grip effective as with Vaseline;

Blind positivity weights the right, where you still topple and

dine on the rubbery plastic
shock absorber material

they sprinkle over the new playgrounds-

playgrounds these days…

with yellow plastic slides that inject the little lightnings in your hair,

While you don your sheer static

Force field, deactivated at a

touch to metal once off the slide-

Still, to get back to my point,

Sway side to side on the seesaw,

To keep yourself in the


Beginning of Wisdom

Knit together
fractured mind-
this corner,
this fragment
Logical Order of Operations…
Fist clenched on theory,
centuries times and errors;
Still declared wisdom
is unified, having a beating,
single, fearing, open heart.

(Proverbs 9:10 -The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.)

Will This Song Reach Your Heart

Sang my love,
joy over you;
Our hidden cove
Found by few.

Have you never
Heard my song?
Cross this river
Wide and long.

Then maybe you,
will hear me speak?
Your heart so low,
My wooing meek.

Music dulcet,
From the start,
Still no pulse of
Deadened heart.

I Think This is a Specific Poetry Form?

Trimmings, trappings, treasures
These take transparent trick-

Safety, silence, study,
Simple, sad, still sick.

Methods maintain my
Maidenhoods meaningful

Beat brave, big ,blind,
By burly bigot bouncers.

When words whisper, waiting
Wistful wall-
Warming with warning,
Word –
That gives the call.