Cellos, glossy violins that the stage lights distort on

in sweet minor keys

always a melancholy melody-

percussion an undertone,

sound almost mute.

Brasses blown with soft puckers

almost singly invisible.

Brain unappreciative unless

some semblance of familiarity

to the arrangement,

look through the beauty.

New friends

2 o’clock in the well lit

Waffle house,

Smell of cheesy scrambled eggs,

Sharp acid smell of blackened bacon.

We pour in,

Giggles and shoves.

Floor littered with snowflakes

Shaken from our scarves, coats.

The waitress with almond coffee bean eyes slides beige cups with slightly watery coffee to us.

One at the cornertable, a full five dollars richer than the rest, gets a pancake platter, slightly past gold color, not quite burnt-

While nonchalance, an easy smile

I feel wrinkling my cheeks while throttling my napkin under the table.


Hate didn’t have to blow my house down,

Initially, I only cracked the door to be polite.

The pitch was smooth and rapid, and I unconsciously

Relaxed the hold on the door-

somehow he glided in.

Eyes appraising,

He brought up a variety of subjects.

Some triggered a bulging vein and a shadow over my eyes.


Somehow he never quite left, and the initial conversation we had

Spawned a wildfire in my blood, a neural groove that gradually pushes aside all others.


Simple recipe in

My roux,

Temperament tendencies,

Praise, hickory scented criticisms

Apply a medium to medium high 


And flavor, texture


Learned wisdom the skin

On top,

Simmering in autumn.



You walk in confidence,
Everything a surety;
Cast the shadow of angels-
Devoted to God,
Reflection of His glory
Makes you luminous, almost
searing my corneas.