Make your kindness assertive,

your courage be fierce;

Let your reason be tempered

with love  that will pierce.

Let your joy be visible,

God’s peace be your guide;

When it comes to truth, never hide.

Let your clothing be patience,

goodness  your law-

be faithful to God,

have self-control toward all.





parents are responsible for education – schools help…

Tales from the Great Adventure

IMG_5013We all know how much I love my grandchildren. Just click on the “Grandaddy Letters” category and you will find dozens of posts featuring David and Beks over the past few years. They’re growing by leaps and bounds and in every way; I’m so happy and so proud.

But today’s featured image – the only one – demonstrates that I also understand my grandkids have a great deal to learn about life, a fact that’s not always easy for them or for the grownups around them! See – they’re both pouting. They don’t want their grandmama to leave, and neither David nor Beks are going to smile for the camera when they’re not getting their own way!

Curiosity is Key!

But it’s Ok. Learning new stuff is at the core of what it means to be human beings who embrace this amazing gift of life. In my two decades of work in the…

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Leaving Abuse


[content note: this post covers my personal experiences with domestic abuse in some detail]

“Why don’t they just leave?”

“If someone did that to me I’d be out of there straight away!”

“If they were really being abused they’d run at the first chance!”

I’ve had all of these statements thrown at me, and I’ve heard them applied to others living with domestic abuse. Aside from being generally unhelpful and blaming the victim for the abuse they are receiving, they are also based on a central faulty premise; that leaving domestic abuse is easy. For many of us that live(d) with it, it is actually exactly the opposite.

To start with we have to remember a few things about domestic abuse;

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