Make your kindness assertive,

your courage be fierce;

Let your reason be tempered

with love  that will pierce.

Let your joy be visible,

God’s peace be your guide;

When it comes to truth, never hide.

Let your clothing be patience,

goodness  your law-

be faithful to God,

have self-control toward all.






Future path etched

a strike and spark at a time,

charred and dry ending-


In present, though,

tepid almond oil,

my comfort in my crime.


Whatever ingested,

whether too much nutrient or chemical-

the rope cheerfully twines  my ankles.


My mind gulps in,

tantrums until

I yield to my VICE.


I don’t know what it is about the listless summer rain,

or self-reflection that occurs from overflow of pain.

Does joy make you speechless,

manic high, poisoned mind-

Isn’t it only when you bleed through pen

the words you will find?



The brain takes it’s snapshot,

white  kodak transitions into developed picture.


So much done on the

unconscious level-

vague restraining warning from the heart,

or God’s Spirit.


Sometimes we register the

map around their EYES,

sketched crevices, creases, color

a purple hue underneath.


Gazes roll, meet;

lock or repel each other,

two positive magnets.