Why stare in a massive,

mirror pond

when I can see me

reflected in your eyes-

why stare at

pinned-up constellations

instead of the galaxy of brown


on your face?

Why admire the moon

when I can watch your

Grey eyes illuminate

when you smile?

Do big displays

of creation

trump gazing

at you?

Each scar, fold,

and angle fearfully

and wonderfully made.


Thistles, weeds of sin grow

thick and wild,

so I draw my sword

(Can be used by a child).

Fires or streams

the enemy will send,

and the flesh, world and devil

constantly demand

their dominion, my capture,

torn and killed.

Defeated Foe

Nails pounded into palms,

not drawing a sword

defeated the foe,

who received his reward.

Cast out of heaven

to the earth with fears;

anger rising, torments

men to tears.

His day of judgement

has come, the curtain will draw


a veil that is torn,

men’s bands loosed.

Rulers disarmed and paraded,

before men’s eyes,

As Jesus’ feet were nailed

to cries.