Brain plasticity

Ideas I snatch from the air


speed through my circulatory system

on red corpuscles,

compromise the blood-brain barrier.

Settle into the creases, wrinkles

penetrate the mass,

and seep; saturating, subtle

changes here

in the reflexive reasoning;

thinking incrementally



Will you bluntly expose my lies,

regardless of the shape or size?

A friend who cares more for me,

shine truth when I cannot see?

Can I be myself, only me-

my character show authentically?

In nurturing soil of your love,

both of us seek the Father above.

Obsession you, Obsession me

Just so,

so many say,

I am OCD about that.

Might feel a touch of

fuzzy romanticism,

the illness of an artist,

the illness of a genius mathematician


Unfortunately the numbers that surround

are single digit, repeated.

Illness is boring, repetition

loses allure so quickly.

Work round the days’ span,

effectively penned in by (self-imposed?)

rules, frustrations, fatigue.

Must follow every rule

on lines, cracks-

never miss a beat.

Growing up Outside

Initially, my Mom would have to yell and pry,

Kids need to play outside!

Sullen reluctance yanked myself

from the book pages,

lost the soft, slurry comfort with

scent of aged vanilla.

Growling inwardly

stood, blinking at the white light-

a myopic underground creature

out of their element.

A slow warm to sharp blue

skies of the fall,

until I saw the beauty in the shimmery

mud, swirling at my touch

warm rays dripped down my shoulders and spilled off my wrists,


strangest kind of

pleasure with small forts, dams

in the creek.

The Potter

Pray with bated breath,

breathe your life into my times-

beauty is your craft;

you chisel while your Word refines.

You examine us all from the safety of

your palm.

When we hand you broken pieces,

you apply healing balm.

When He hears me

First trembling, soft, questioning


apologize over and over

to bother Him,

He’s so busy with Universal concerns:

but He takes that second,

plus the time required,

and answers yes

to what I asked for my world.


Crowds, cry, rise;

Speech! Speech!

Roar silenced as you clear your throat

into the microphone,

the echo bounces in the stadium.

The words come,

the truth out,

shrill and clear;

clarity and accuracy to a knife-point,

the heartbeat missing;

a lifetime of contradictions.


Our words steel clubsIf I could strike you hard enough, 

Can mold your brain to think like mine-

Knees supported by

Different foundations 

Of logic, 

Quick reasonings

Defend the core, the ground

With arrows in 

Your words.

Just as quickly you

Tear my flag.