Sermon on the Mount

Let your heart cast off this worry,
give this kindness for a slight.
Though being always reconciled,
bow your head and fight the fight.

Let your thoughts be pure and loving,
forgive them every fall.
Never judge the motives,
and never swear at all.

Lift the load of poverty,
pray and fast in your home.
Do not love your possessions,
never let your heart roam.

(Matthew 5-7)


Depression: How to Fight for Faith in the Dark


SOURCE:  Stephen Altrogge/Desiring God

Three Lessons for Depression

I’ve often said that depression is like wearing tinted glasses. Everywhere you look, things look dark. Bleak. Black. Hopeless. Helpless. The waiting room for depression says, “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”

Depression is both a physical and spiritual affliction. Neurons and synapses fail to fire properly, leading to chemical imbalances in the brain. These imbalances cause the depressed person to feel awful, like their entire world is a raw catastrophe hovering over the depths of despair. When everything is a catastrophe, it’s easy for faith to falter and stumble.

“Depression causes a person to feel only gloom and despair, no matter what they’re thinking.”

Normally, the prescription for faith is somewhat straightforward. We read the promises of God, let them diffuse throughout our hearts, and then embrace them fully. As we embrace these promises, our faith rises. When…

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The Righteousness of God In an Apathetic World. — Rubies Corner’s Blog

We are brought to God through trusting in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. I believe He died for you, and me. God is righteous, and we have an apathetic, world for the most part. God will always be righteous, and distinguish Himself. He is the One true, living God. Jesus Christ is His son, […]

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