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Having you ever noticed a child throwing a temper tantrum when he or she doesn’t get something that they want? This is a natural reaction that must be overcome as the child matures. The reaction is natural…innate…the child was born with it.

The truth is that we are all born with innate desires, feelings and proclivities that we did not ask for.

Many Christians reason to excuse some behavior and lifestyles by saying, “I or they was or were born this or that way”. This doesn’t meant that God made a mistake, but the scripture clearly reminds us that we were all born in sin…

Psalm 51:5 (NKJV)

 Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.

We were all born with desires we didn’t ask for…that doesn’t make them ALL okay. Just because it comes naturally doesn’t make right…

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Sermon on the Mount

Let your heart cast off this worry,
give this kindness for a slight.
Though being always reconciled,
bow your head and fight the fight.

Let your thoughts be pure and loving,
forgive them every fall.
Never judge the motives,
and never swear at all.

Lift the load of poverty,
pray and fast in your home.
Do not love your possessions,
never let your heart roam.

God Liveth Ever

Theological Jon

A year ago, I began reading Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional each day. One of the first entries I read had exerpts from an old hymn. Spurgeon only quoted a few parts of each stanza, so I became curious as to what the whole hymn contained. I am glad I have finally been able to find the complete hymn! Each stanza encourgaged me to see the greatness of God in the midst of trials, pains, and sadness. His steadfast love enures forever, indeed!

I encourage you to read the whole hymn, more like a poem here since I could not find the music it was sung to. See the goodness, providence, and everlasting love of God in these verses!

I plan on posting Spurgeon’s meditation later today, which features a few of the lines from this hymn by Johann Friedrich Zihn.

God liveth ever!
Wherefore, Soul, despair thou never!

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20161001_223656.jpg All Things in Moderation

“I think I’ll relax and study my bible with a glass of wine”. Uh oh! I’m quite certain that statement made many of my fellow Christians cringe. I’m sure it may push limits of some people’s personal theology…many of my fellow Christians will quickly tell you that you shouldn’t defile the temple of God (and we shouldn’t).

Many of my fellow Christians will piously tell you, “Ohhh no! I don’t drink alcohol”, while at the same time many of the same people consume huge amounts of sugar, fat, sodium, artificial ingredients, smoke, over-the-counter and prescription drugs etc., etc., etc., that they know are harmful to their bodies, or temples of God (1 Corinthians 6:19).

Many Christians who’ve been diagnosed medical conditions knowingly eat foods and drink beverages that even though they aren’t wine, are harmful to their bodies and adversely affect their health…but, they would never…

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25 Encouraging Scripture Verses for Back to School

Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

back-to-schoolIt is true that I am not walking a child to a school bus, or fretting over school lunches, or monitoring uniform infractions, or ensuring my child is adequately prepared for the first day of school.  It comes with having an Empty Nest.  However, most of my friends (and my daughter), will already be planning, preparing and then perhaps pushing that child out the door to start another school year.  Parents, have you also thought that to adequately prepare your child and YOU for that first day back that both of you should ponder upon scripture?  Might make that first day and the rest of the school year go by a little easier.  Just sayin’ 🙂

John 14:26  “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”

James 4:8  “Come…

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Coffee and Conversation 5 He Loadeth Me?

I wasn’t quite awake when I read the words, “He loadeth me, O blessed thought”. And I immediately reacted. I know! Why are you loading me down like this, God? I squinted then and realized the word I read was leadeth, not loadeth. Right…

It’s the end of week and I’m looking to be led out of overload, into order. I believe the One who orders the seasons—nature’s buds in spring, its stillness in winter, its colors in fall, and its ripe beauty in summer—can order my life and responsibilities.

Where is there disorder? Who might secretly be introducing it? Who is working for the good of others? Many will follow their destructive ways and will bring the way of Truth into dispute. In their greed they exploit with stories they have made up according to self-serving, one-sided opinion that holds little understanding of the Big picture. Does any of…

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What is “Positivity?”

Veracious Poet

What do people mean by positivity? Offering half truths? And hoping for the best outcomes. There is an objective reality that is much different and independent of thoughts and feelings. Different cultures have different truths but one cannot live in all cultures at the same time. One lives in only one society at a time and therefore the universally acceptable morality within such a society applies. What one feels is one’s truth but only as regards “the self” not the external world of matter.

I have encountered many people present nefarious ideas as “truth” simply in the name of “positivity”. Whoever teaches that the universe conforms to our thoughts and feelings must test his or her assertions by writing a job application, put it under his or her pillow and simply wish for a job. It’s an experiment. Or wish to travel from one location to another and then suddenly…

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