What kind of people surround your life? What kind of people do you spend time with? What is the influence of these people in your life? As humans we thrive in relationships and friendships. We are at our best when we have people who influence us with positivity. And with negative influence, we tend to […]

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Sexuality, Disability & the Journey to Inner Freedom


Mind the Gap. What does that mean to me? In a way my whole life has been lived in the gap. I have a physical disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bones Disease. Due to numerous fractures in utero, I have bent arms and legs, which cause me to have a shortened stature. I have never walked, but I started using an electric wheelchair when I was two and a half years old (many doorways and toenails were destroyed in the process of learning how to drive at such a young age). I have been playing violin for over 20 years, in large part thanks to a creative music teacher who helped me to adapt my style of playing. I hold my violin upright in my wheelchair like a tiny cello instead of on my shoulder. In 2006 I joined my first band, in 2011 I wrote my first original…

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“Jesus Will Judge You?”

See, there's this thing called biology...

So, about the Berkeley meltdown, what can I say, there’s just something in the water. Berkeley is infamous for frequent foolishness. There’s something I want to say however about some aspects of the alt-right, especially the red pill Christians. Currently quite a few of them are busy glorifying in the pure pleasure of having gotten to watch this sleezeball punch a woman in the face. I’ve seen so many blog posts, links to the video, just gleeful celebrations of violence.

So when is it okay to punch an unarmed  5’1″ woman in the face? How about never. Yeah, never. Unless your life is actually in danger you’re just being a punk, a thug, a bully.  Nightwind777 actually provides a breath of fresh air denouncing this behavior. So hat tip there. It’s nice to know the whole world hasn’t gone totally mad.

I’m not going to link to Dalrock, to…

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