As a Man Thinketh

Plant a seed,
just a thought-
among so many
rose to the top.

Characteristic wildflower
its bud persists
drank its fill
of rehearsals mist.

Proud, tall, dense,
it’s thistles grew
the bloom still smiled
reproduced seeds blew.

Too much for me
to pull by hand
root system deep,
it took its stand.

(NKJV- Proverbs 23:7- For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.
“Eat and drink!” he says to you,
But his heart is not with you.)

Ask and you shall receive

You have seen my chains, my yoke, my cries,
Scan the horizon for Truth, not lies.
In spring I was foolish, and called you not,
then summer heat started, and my heart now fought
(for freedom from my bonds.)

Atmosphere pressure pushed down on me,
my whisper started, downcast, weak-
my straps rubbed my sweating skin raw,
down your law thundered, my guilt I saw
(so clearly.)

In fall cold fears clutched my soul,
death was near, panic rose full-
Yet just before winter’s final closure,
you answered, at last, drew me closer
(to you.)

Persistence, hope had almost fled,
no sleep would come near my bed,
Still, you kept your promise when I was weak,
you answered me since I did seek.

(Matthew 7:7-Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.)

Feel Good Stuff

I don’t really do a whole bunch on nonfiction, but there is a phenomenon in our area I find quite intriguing and thought I would share.

Aldi is a food chain that tends to be a lot less expensive than, say, Walmart.  It also tends to do a lot better than Food Lion in our area, although the expensive store, Harris Teeter, can beat Aldi on their sale items.  This is probably irrelevant to my point, but I’ll continue.

Anyway, we shop at Aldi for a majority of our items so we can eat reasonably healthy without going broke.  Aldi has this policy that to get a cart, you need a quarter inserted into the front to get it separated from the other carts.  I guess it cuts down on the cars in the parking lot sustaining damage from carts.

The last few times I have been there, at our Mooresville location, there is a “floating quarter” cart offered to me.  It’s where someone has been nice (at least I assume) and left a quarter in there, and it’s the “pay-it-forward” cart, that people will offer to the next person coming in to have, on the condition they give it to someone else free.  It’s a “thing” here, which I thought was pretty awesome, and just wanted to share.

It’s some feel good fuzzies for the day.



Secret Vice

They say

you get the face God gave you at 20-

Then character molds its every line,

cheek and chin fat injection from


frown  lines,

formed from angry, bitter thoughts-

Seems true what Basil in “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

thinks, on there being no hidden vice.