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In Pilgrim’s Progress. there were two paths. One started when Pilgrim gave his life to Jesus Christ. He saw what was done at the cross, and how Jesus died for him. He repented of His sins, and the burden of sin came off his back and rolled down the hill. It disappeared. The word says […]

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You drew the blueprints
to so many lives,
foundation of bare landscape,
illustrations to your stories
for as long as finite time exists.

You overlooked no detail,
from the silky hairs of the
hungry, mewling newborn
to the lines of honor on
the face of the
feeble, wise centenarian.

No hatchling bird in it’s nest,
protesting over it’s siblings
for the worm-
no stretching, reaching morning glory,
that sighs its honey smell
crisp September mornings.

Your generous hand stretches out,
kindness unseen, unheeded.
Your love distorted,
your justice downplayed,
but you call us still,
and show us your goodness.


(Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

My hand is yours,
our bonds entwine,
for two is better.

My hand is yours,
our hearts combine,
for two is better.

My hand is yours,
soulmate in the making,
for two is better.

My hand is yours,
in fear I’m quaking,
for two is better.

Time’s March

Times come, one is born;
times come, life is torn.
Times come, joy is prime,
times come, despairs chime.

Seasons spread, move forward;
planets dead, move forward.
times are set, move forward,
mounting debt, move forward.

Present your case, will you stand?
Lay it out, from your hand.
On what defense do you nest?
Where does your innocence rest?


Grapefruit in a glass bottle,

Cold, lip puckering sample

Gulped once the metal top

Pop-clicks open;

People will forget

Childish taste buds,

Where sugar is never enough.

Childhood kingdoms

Fall and rise, with

The drifting verses of

Annabel Lee

From my English class book report.


During daylight reign

Somehow the speed bursts

Ahead in the time

allotted today;

Like the fast forward

Button from those old

VHS Remotes,

stuck down.


Now the fading scent

Of chicken gravy

and mashed potatoes;

The Rotisserie

chicken submits, mute,

Hoping to be put

away, bones for broth,

meat for possible

quesadillas, eat

later in the week.


Shove the earbuds in,

Power up, eyes stuck

On the screen ahead

Addictive from the


Devotional Nuggets – #51

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What a lovely day! The sun is shining so brightly here but hey, don’t be deceived by this shine and leave home without warm clothing’s… nope, the season of thin apparels is over. Now, gradually, the layers are returning to our bodies… Here’s a big welcome to yet another glorious Saturday. I love my weekends ‘cos sleep is sweeter without the rude alarm.

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