Big Mac

McDonald’s may be coming up with a new saucy response to customers who ask for an extra side of Big Mac sauce with their order — “Get it yourself at the grocery store!” Read more: 7 big changes coming to McDonald’s in 2017 Report: Big Mac sauce being prepped for supermarkets Canadian food blog Foodology…

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Seasons of strife, fear, and doubt

come to everyone,

When twisters touch down, the lightning

is close, invisible is the sun.

Kindnesses scarce, love seems run dry,

and time is your nemesis,

backs on you are turned,

little you’ve learned,

but bear hurt and malice.

Shoved to the wall,

destruction will call,

magnet to death’s very door;

your mind you have found

unstable goes ’round,

so much pain in store.

The time when it’s past,

you hope it will last,

and let you recharge like you should,

and the thing you say, at the end of the day,

“I am boring, and boring is good.”


Murmurs can’t pierce dead ears,

autumn’s foliage  dead eyes,

dead lips can’t taste saline tears,

dead hearts can’t utter cries.

A Word, a Breath, animates a soul,

life,  light fill to the brim;

you breathe, for now, you are whole,

can love on a whim.

Week 12 – The Only Way

The Whisper of God

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Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6

Truth be told, I struggled with this verse for much of my Christian life. Until I actually opened up the Bible and began to read and study it for myself. It was then that the truths and concepts I had always heard about in church came into focus and the lines no longer blurred together. With knowledge of God’s word comes clarity, strength, and courage about His ways.  I was no longer willing and vulnerable to the watered down version of living that the world was trying to pour into me.

I know this verse can be controversial, even among Christians, and can seem exclusive, but I think these eighteen words Jesus spoke so long ago are the axis on which everything else spins. In the Greek, the article “the”…

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Expressing Gratitude

There is a shortage of words,

rations are severe,

they tell me.

I reached into the Cloud-

empty, and my eyes were blind

from its mist for awhile-

even every crack in the sidewalk

explored, dandelions seeds

having fled to far off


counties, towns, states.

So  my austere  words are simply

“Thank you, God”.

A Kindness

Reach, palm to palm,

kindness threads

through my tongue-

A spoken word,

gaiety inserted;

yet is there unconscious judgment

of the receivers


Do niceties rise out of

the expansive, self-righteousness

of my

inner caste system?


Darkness was my guide,

behind a book, I’d hide.

Blind to beauty others saw,

deaf to music in crow’s caw.


Then one day He came near,

a light turned on so clear.

Felt radiant, full of joy,

until with sin, I would toy.


Quickly ran astray,

away from the light of day.

I thought romance was my chance,

flirted with lusts and decadence.


Went to magic, darker arts.

demonic studies played the part

of witches, superstitions call,

into selfish living I would fall.


Before my last year of high school,

asked forgiveness for being a fool.

Felt quiet joy in my heart,

but a storm of thoughts would start.


Cyclone thoughts and images filled my mind,

hope left, despair would bind.

Raw heart, white-hot burned,

no corner could be turned.


Life on superficial,

enemies I would wish ill-

confusion in the empty mind,

truth elusive to find.


Music buoyed me up,

self-hatred filled my cup.

Years of despair, cold, and lust,

my faith collecting so much dust.


Committed outside faith,

a ghostly walking wraith.

So much rage and sin desires,

with a coldly blazing fire.


Tried to work my salvation out,

constantly plagued with doubt.

No victory over sin,

puppetmaster deep within.


Hope would come, gently call,

would make a start, then quickly fall.

Struggled with my foolish pride,

unforgiveness festered inside.


Unstable to those around,

my footing never seemed found.

Chase unbelief, and fall,

back into the devil’s thrall.


Seek Him once again,

with those I love, family, friends.

Through explosions path led many astray,

some my children, to this day.


I’ve talked about goal-setting before on, including the SMART model. As my school nears Student Led Conferences, using Seesaw as our digital portfolio, my students have all set goals to achieve during the remainder of their time under my care. While most of my students chose goals centered on improving in a particular academic […]

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Jesus Christ, identity thief


Earlier this month I heard an interesting sermon upon God’s commandment not to steal. The first part was rather predictable, listing the many ways we rob each other of money, of property, of value, and of time. Most people can probably make a list of the way these things have been stolen from them, and the more honest people can make a similar list of the way these things have been stolen by them.

Of course the point of the sermon was not to scold thieves, but rather to call thieves to repentance so they could be assured of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. The sermon took a shocking turn, though, when the preacher said that to rescue sinners like us, Jesus Christ became an identity thief.

Jesus was willing to describe himself as a thief. He described his future coming in glory as “like a thief in the night.” He…

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