no stutter,

smile to sight-

molded, maintained

with two

hands, brick-cement


brick cement

to raise this

blaring, brazen


Talk to Me

Talk to me,

Pick your hope

from the spring meadow

and talk to me awhile.

Sing your song that got

you through

those trials.

Let every word

you speak

tell me who

I’m supposed to be

Let your words spoken

(In truth)

lead me to be free.

Talk to me for awhile,

talk to me.

Joy in the Fight

When sun has cast its light,

and joy I wear as crown-

there’s dominion in the fight

and my sorrows they are none.

So much is unspeakable,

glory gives its light;

My praise a rising geyser,

tremendous in its height.


Clutching these reins in the whirlwind,

an impossible feat-

your hands, they guide, they hold me,

I can run, I can think, I can meet.

With you my God, my cries to you,

straight from my pounding heart-

a dancing, desperate storm;

( my heart is shredded to pieces, wounded by pride

at enemy’s feet.)

My Whole Heart

Let my song rise to you,

a praise with all my heart.

In these tunnels I run through

hold to you, a start.

May your love be what

I cling to,

clasp my hands in yours.

Running through prism-laced dew

my spirit runs and soars.

Quartered Heart

The ropes!

Tiptoe through


tumble off

the fence

(Side you chose)

Bitten lip and

singing faith

charms distract

sing and let your ear


A sirens voice,

echoing in my head.

Purge Pride

Tears water soul-

vomit pain and pride

a wandering heart,




forsake my Savior’s

stabbed side of protection.

Shift set to


Driven to tarry shore,

Stuck in black, sticky lava.


Promises now fulfilled in you,

a love and purpose found in you.

Breath you have breathed into my lungs,

to sing you this song to overcome.

Tenacious i cling to world and old,

You chide for me to finally let go.


Swirling, clear vapor-

palms, Words,

separate water from


light from


(and God saw it was good).

Director tongue

Guides, seas caught up,


In it all, the milky moon

candle-flamed sun,

Cocoons, pods,

protect seeds

(be fruitful, and multiply)

at a breath, downy feathers,

Smooth scales,

land animals, Stout and Slender,

lines and angles and curves

(and Adam named them.

Adam their prince).