Nonresponsive breast

to take my repose

Hope slowly fading

departs from my chest in Crow’s Flight

the inky buzzards zero in and

soundlessly swoop down

dwell there;

Once again, a resident.

curves lines

Etched branches

sensible chocolate browns

in color;

lines/curves foundational elements to

the tips.

Angles bud, blossom

in glorious silks of emerald.

Caressed by careless breezes

dance with it’s flirtation.




yet the judgement tidal wave approaches,

with irresistible riptides

will pull you out to the central sea geyser


Flail!  your gems of sapphire, opal

prism filled diamonds that

dazzled the myopic inhabitants of earth

stripped from your breast.


The endless pit that yawns inside;

fill it, fill it-

suck in, hide.

Soft forlorn cry

can you hear?

A restless mist,

muffled fear.

Must plug into myself

some love;

the like are gone,

use velvet glove-

and grasp.


She’s not really beautiful-

countenance aged.

Yet tenderness, character, time

have chiseled her features

thinning skin

stretched over

in a almost transparent way;

a delicate beauty

in just the right light.

sample of high school work

Would roses weep the sweet perfume concocting the nectar of dew;

poor balm for hearts that ache, the tears blur moon’s clear crown of blue.

Now hush your tears, little child;  reach for heaven with humble cry.

You know your Father listens in that starry sky.

He loves you, never leaves you, gave His only Son,

who over death has victory, and over sin He won.

More words

Hi.  This is boompawolf, a name based off one of those baby words parents use with their toddlers like “doggie”, “fall down, go ‘boompa’, etc.  My husband has been getting after me to start a blog to put writing/poetry on.  Decided to try it.(Captain Obvious is my nickname).  Anyway, planning on throwing up some stuff in the next few days.  I don’t plan on putting up much in the way of politics, or purposely aim to put up inflammatory items up.  I suppose that’s it for now.  Thanks for anyone who has read this far.