Can’t coax pearl petals from shoot or stem,

or cast blueprints for bees hum;

Can’t speak tender words to guide a creek,

or lay out path of sun.

My feeble pen scratches, rude and splotched,

tapping like metronome time;

function as a darkened mirror

while words dance their rhyme.


Chosen, in His hands lifted,

no random die is cast;

it goes from grace to grace

from the first to the last.

Regardless of Satan or

man’s epic fails,

God’s provision and purpose

forever prevails.

A e Freislighe Attempt

Set your soil tillable

as He sends the morning dew-

seeds in digging fillable

soul and spirit will sing new.

Now is sowing season here

the planting you don’t know how;

these secrets that no reason hear

still stems break through with low bow.

Abstract/sound poetry

Simply sim, simply sat,

Coco saw a simply rat

Orange it was, burst out with song

And scratched it’s nose all day long.

Pimlee pee, pimlee you,

orange rat would sing with you.