The Art of Authority in Print

Frames  ivory, stone,

Level to millimeter-

Air-brushed gleaming glass.


Presentation sound,

work of sages skill, wisdom-

persuade by art’s charm.



In the quiet, in the stillness,

Your soul can be unbound;

that voice to your spirit

joyful when you’re found.

The beginning may contain

bitter, gasping tears,

full radiance, grace plain

In contrast to your fears.

Seed of faith nestled,

living water coaxes out,

Tremulous new steps,

beaming smile and a shout.


Wind chime tings, life’s humid dreams,

stilted breeze on my cheek;

reality not what it seems

to both the proud and to the meek.

Citronella makes it’s vain attempt

to repel blood thirsty insects;

a smack of palm will condemn

them in mid-ingest.

Creator has given time,

this moment I will thank;

for beauty, sunset and sunrise,

and molten gold on lake.