There is a time…in Hope

Oppression’s time,

It plants a stake-

Dormant now,

you will wake.

Change around you,

Change within;

From hostile brew,

To secret sin.

Faith will call,

You will cope-

Cling then to

Your unearthed hope.


Endings and Beginnings

A page is turned,

this day is old,

sun offers rays
of red and gold.

Dewdrops flush,

as sun awakes;

these mercies new,

birdsong, gold lakes.




When everyone’s playing his or her own God-given role in God’s Kingdom…there’s NO competition!

Competition only arises when someone seeks or feels threatened by someone else’s assignment.

Matthew couldn’t do James’ assignment.

John couldn’t do Paul’s assignment.

Peter wasn’t sent to the Gentiles, Paul was. If Peter started trying to plant churches for the Gentiles, that would have caused competition for Paul’s assignment, and neglect to Peter’s. The Kingdom would have suffered.

Jesus can’t even do the Holy Spirit’s assignment.

The Holy Spirit didn’t save you…the Son did (Matthew 18:11). Jesus doesn’t convict you…the Holy Spirit does (John 16:8). One God, with three different ‘assignments’ or authorities.

You can’t do my assignment, nor can I do yours.

There are people who God has assigned for you to reach…and no one else.

No one else is equipped to complete your assignment but you.

Too many people in ministry, in music ministry, in…

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In the Beginning

Breath, Word-

Contained in clay’s delicacy-

Breath, Word-

Design contained in a rib.

Breath, Word-

Gold linked from body, to soul, then

Breath, Word.

Prayer for my kiddos and husband, some rough stuff going on I won’t get into online. Will let you know when prayers are answered.