So many (the mighty)
chase the dollar,
others fame, the sage,
the scholar-
incomplete, and they
don’t know why;
sensations, to try to fly-
incomplete without you,
rotting and dying, all they do
until they find you.
Manic laughter, tears abound
and no one hears them
fall to the ground.


Tears in a Bottle

Tears of God’s saints through pressure and trial,
like the pearl in the compressing clam-
All of these pearls are put in a bottle,
living sacrifices to the great I AM.

Abide in Me

The Pitcher can only pour
when it has its fill,
you need to receive want, to
do what you will.
Exercise your gifts
through God’s mighty arm-
With your armor activated,
He keeps you from harm.
Your soul in safe harbor with
passage of time,
abiding in Him,
your nourishing vine.


Smooth harmonies
to a waiting ear
that cups itself,
just a little,
to better receive
slow, blended melodies.

Strange beauty,
yet you draw soulless,
from a stagnant pit
of condemned stars and
mass of night.

(Jude 1:12)

Sermon on the Mount

Let your heart cast off this worry,
give this kindness for a slight.
Though being always reconciled,
bow your head and fight the fight.

Let your thoughts be pure and loving,
forgive them every fall.
Never judge the motives,
and never swear at all.

Lift the load of poverty,
pray and fast in your home.
Do not love your possessions,
never let your heart roam.

Ask and you shall receive

You have seen my chains, my yoke, my cries,
Scan the horizon for Truth, not lies.
In spring I was foolish, and called you not,
then summer heat started, and my heart now fought
(for freedom from my bonds.)

Atmosphere pressure pushed down on me,
my whisper started, downcast, weak-
my straps rubbed my sweating skin raw,
down your law thundered, my guilt I saw
(so clearly.)

In fall cold fears clutched my soul,
death was near, panic rose full-
Yet just before winter’s final closure,
you answered, at last, drew me closer
(to you.)

Persistence, hope had almost fled,
no sleep would come near my bed,
Still, you kept your promise when I was weak,
you answered me since I did seek.
(Matthew 7:7)

Developed Talent

Screening reveals-

encouragement planted

starts as tender,

vulnerable buds-

poised to emerge from the ground.

Still prepare

black soil of diligence,

excellence, practice-

through boredom,

repetition, opposition.

Activate the struggle principle

for reaping the rainbow of

blossoms, gifts to turn their silken faces,

thankfully, to your Creator.


My Own Strength


My heart wrung itself today,

A song belted out a cry-

I knew the metal of it was my strength,

adamantium my reply.

Strongest stuff in the earth,

I will never fall, I recite;

(affirmations stated through numb lips)

even as it crumbled with my fight.

Brain fumbled for solid thought,

focus inside, draw from this strength-

that soon crumpled to a useless ball,

lost its width and length.

Thought it would be glorious,

like azalea’s blossoming petal;

guess that’s what you end up with

when you trust in pretend metal.



(2 Corinthians 12:9)