Your Complexity

This thick-knit
corners pinned by
intellect and
mask of genius
firmly in place.

In courage,
now use
heart speak-
prune back your flowery
your thorns.


Broken Bones

Metallic rejection
infused the tongue.
Betrayal and desolation
ran down His face,
blood and tears;
broke His heart,
but not a single bone.

(NIV Psalm 34:20- he protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken.)

Learned Wisdom

Unearth this past-
daggers and diamonds,
roses and rust-

Review the
kindnesses and kicks,
bitter and beautiful;

Share all to bless,
to benefit,
with learned wisdom-

While motives love and
vengeance spar.

There is a Friend who Sticks Closer Than a Brother

I call them friends,
speak of them pleasantly
in bubbly,
rich tones.

Still the ones close
are built of silence and shadow-
easily dissolved when the
sunsets golden glow
drapes its train over them;
They leave when it is fair,
rather than foul,
days on my eardrums
of breathe and blink,

The friend who
sticks closer than a brother
my heart forms a fist to
grip these promises
of faithful presence,
when my soul is blanketed
in lonely.


Fingertips to chin,
Eyes gaze through one-side window;
air off glass is cold.

Racing thoughts, fast heart
humility opens it,
this window, this light.

Cross’s Victory

Puzzling victory,
Earthquakes sound, a rending veil-
Water and blood drops.

(Colossians 2:15-And having disarmed the power and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.)

Seek You

I cry for
a strong arm-
walk away in knowledge’s
kept from
devastating harm.

What you say,
is all I
though my rope
is frayed,
your promise
faith’s seed.

Let me just
hold tight,
to your gracious
rest in assurance
you have a plan.

Jesus’ Birth

Cries, searing labor-
time’s fruition;
called him out with
vigorous pushes.
Skin covered
in afterbirth.
No steely strength
in Him,
no wisdom was spoken
from infant’s lips,
(cries only.)
No blooming halo-
still they came
and worshipped.