There is a time…in Hope

Oppression’s time,

It plants a stake-

Dormant now,

you will wake.

Change around you,

Change within;

From hostile brew,

To secret sin.

Faith will call,

You will cope-

Cling then to

Your unearthed hope.


Endings and Beginnings

A page is turned,

this day is old,

sun offers rays
of red and gold.

Dewdrops flush,

as sun awakes;

these mercies new,

birdsong, gold lakes.

In the Beginning

Breath, Word-

Contained in clay’s delicacy-

Breath, Word-

Design contained in a rib.

Breath, Word-

Gold linked from body, to soul, then

Breath, Word.

His Kindness

Entrenched in rushing rivers,

No time to dwell on hope,

Kindness of your hands shows

your peace my safety rope.

Your mercies new each morning,

even when the sun stays down.

Will stand in north- most darkness

Stars shimmer like your crown.


Reap and sow in time

geysers can’t stay underground

when light hits shadow.

-This is a statement for the “MeToo” people.

Seasons of Childhood

Pink princesses, playdough, and sticker hearts
Legos, trucks, plastic keys;
numbers are candy and letters are magnets,
with flips done on trampolines.

Winter is snowmen and crooked snow angels,
spring is mud pies with rain and changes;
summer is swimming, popsicles and fans-
and fall is leaves slipping through hands,