Small Swords

Rushing, roaring waterfalls
stem in the deep-
murky, freezing undertow
compassion in it’s sleep.

Hearts that projectile vomit
the poison hot springs;
chosen weapon heated steel
small swords flash, sing.

Billy Graham

There has not been anyone more visible in our lifetime who has lived this out so successfully than the now late Dr. Billy Graham. With the Passing of Dr. Graham today, a void has been left. No one person can hope to fill that void alone or with the same measure of impact. Dr. Billy […]

via Dr. Billy Graham: Mission Complete — APreachasKid


Don’t sing your past refrains,

just lay them gently down-

the future is the same,

you’ll make it through somehow.

Sweet, melancholy pitch

will only bring back tears;

you cannot grasp nor hold it now

through chasms many years.

Your weapon drawn against

your frail fellow man-

will not heal wounds or silences

like the salvation plan.


So much has its charms-

turning, traveling heart beats,

wandering from Love.

So easily gaze-

grow, gift, give my heart away;

still forget his Grace.


Keep your time and toil,

on this chosen road.

the one He bids you follow,

seems like paths of old.

Hold his hand in sorrows,

in happiness and fears-

let your life be full

even when in tears.

He’s called you to His side now,

to go where He will go-

Don’t forget His love’s flow,

empty your own soul.


Roll, heaving earthquake,

Hands grasp only air, gale force

Blows mists violent.

School scent rage and fear,

Bullets shatter child safety

Hate’s fruit starts to bloom.

Legislations slow,

Deter some of the toxic;

Dark hearts the trigger.