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“If we saw reality, we would never be unhappy.” The Buddha This means that if we looked at life and saw what was actually there from a viewpoint of “I started with nothing and now I have lots” we would experience happiness. Yet we make-up unrealistic expectations of what should be and consequently we experience “not enough”, which has […]

via Daily Dose of Inspiration – The Reality — Be Inspired..!!

There is a Friend who Sticks Closer Than a Brother

I call them friends,
speak of them pleasantly
in bubbly,
rich tones.

Still the ones close
are built of silence and shadow-
easily dissolved when the
sunsets golden glow
drapes its train over them;
They leave when it is fair,
rather than foul,
days on my eardrums
of breathe and blink,

The friend who
sticks closer than a brother
my heart forms a fist to
grip these promises
of faithful presence,
when my soul is blanketed
in lonely.


Fingertips to chin,
Eyes gaze through one-side window;
air off glass is cold.

Racing thoughts, fast heart
humility opens it,
this window, this light.

Cross’s Victory

Puzzling victory,
Earthquakes sound, a rending veil-
Water and blood drops.

(Colossians 2:15-And having disarmed the power and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.)

For I, Yahweh your God, hold your right hand and say to you: Do not fear, I will help you.


Isaiah 41(HCSB)

shush“Be silent before Me, islands!

renew_strengthAnd let peoples renew their strength.
Let them approach, then let them testify;
let us come together for the trial.
Who has stirred him up from the east?
He calls righteousness to his feet.
The Lord hands nations over to him, and he subdues kings.
He makes them like dust with his sword,
like wind-driven stubble with his bow.
He pursues them, going on safely,
hardly touching the path with his feet.
Who has performed and done this,
calling the generations from the beginning?

Alpha_And_OmegaI, Yahweh, am the first, and with the last—I am He.”
The islands see and are afraid, 
the whole earth trembles.
They approach and arrive.

metal_workerEach one helps the other, and says to another, “Take courage!”
The craftsman encourages the metalworker;
the one who flattens with the hammer
supports the one who strikes the anvil,
saying of the soldering, “It is good.”

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How to make a right choice in career


An important decision in our life which can make or break our future pathways which is choosing the right career. People still get stuck with the choice and often tend to get off the career path. These people loose motivation in their professional life. The post talks about the ways in which one can make a better choice while choosing career.

How to make a right choice in career

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Seek You

I cry for
a strong arm-
walk away in knowledge’s
kept from
devastating harm.

What you say,
is all I
though my rope
is frayed,
your promise
faith’s seed.

Let me just
hold tight,
to your gracious
rest in assurance
you have a plan.




People sure can ‘cherry pick’ their sins!

Let me first say this. I DID NOT say God hates homosexuals or those who have abortions. God loves everyone, and we were all made in His image.

Now, with that said…I wonder why do so many of my fellow Christians act as though homosexuality and abortion are the only sins that matter socially, politically and most of all that matter to God.

Yes, I agree that homosexuality is a sin…that gay marriage is unacceptable to God, and that abortion does equate to murder. My intention in writing this isn’t to debate these two sins, but to be responsible… From Genesis 19, to Leviticus 18, to Romans 1, to 1 Corinthians 6, God makes it undeniably clear that homosexuality is a sin and that marriage is only between a man and woman Genesis 5:2 and Matthew 19:4, even though there are…

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