You are His

A chafing, belly cry-

heart’s prayer, and a song;

held in God’s hand,

this torrent is strong.

Word smashes like hammer

to dust, scattered fine-

grant water, new answer,

He says “you are mine”.

Stand, hold on

you are in His palm;

dusk until dawn,

your strength, your calm.



Can’t coax pearl petals from shoot or stem,

or cast blueprints for bees hum;

Can’t speak tender words to guide a creek,

or lay out path of sun.

My feeble pen scratches, rude and splotched,

tapping like metronome time;

function as a darkened mirror

while words dance their rhyme.


Chosen, in His hands lifted,

no random die is cast;

it goes from grace to grace

from the first to the last.

Regardless of Satan or

man’s epic fails,

God’s provision and purpose

forever prevails.

A e Freislighe Attempt

Set your soil tillable

as He sends the morning dew-

seeds in digging fillable

soul and spirit will sing new.

Now is sowing season here

the planting you don’t know how;

these secrets that no reason hear

still stems break through with low bow.

Abstract/sound poetry

Simply sim, simply sat,

Coco saw a simply rat

Orange it was, burst out with song

And scratched it’s nose all day long.

Pimlee pee, pimlee you,

orange rat would sing with you.

Starry Night

Cry out for seeing eyes

past the night skies;

stars consistent rotation

the moon’s blazing beauty, brazen.

Run toward dawn in darkness felt,

A rising light, truth as your belt.