Stalactite crystal cave
can not complete,
nor empty words of comfort
that entreat;
Just read and dissect,
verse on top of verse-
Line upon line, as the
battle is worse.

Though your caught and
caged, timid voice rattles-
infuse that Word, and
speak to your battles.
draw close to Jesus,
push enemy line-
liberty is yours,
as you draw the line.

Injustice, Clamor

As they clamor, angry, are you listening?
They aim tongue darts at human condition-
Human hearts bent, callused crime,
In frantic, raging state of mind.
Indifference when our brothers fell,
Crave real estate in fiery hell;
Cold pride in all that’s built down here
No capacity, compassion’s tear.

Open up Your Heart

Open up your heart,
put your lies to bed-
don’t you dare weep
at the things they said.

Don’t let your soul drop
to it’s place of fear,
don’t reach back and cling
to a banged-up yesteryear.

For these times they are
a changing, the drumbeats
they’re in time;
Rhythms of our yesterdays
built to this day’s crime.

The inner man so wicked,
turn him to a mirror;
stir, awaken godly hope,
inspire godly fear.

My Questions

Pray this simple cry,
repeated with a sigh-
half-hearts won’t feel your air,
that causes walls to tear.

Questions tack parts of mind,
answers in you I’ll find.
No flowery poem\prose,
or hyperbolic crows.

Just my questions,
a simple heart,
wait for your answer
your Word your dart.

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