Creative Poetry Exercise

Tigers lope, bare milk-white teeth;
deaths following of the same value
as tusks wrenched from the elephant
with anguished trumpets and rolling eyes.

The merchant, torn, tossed, legal tender palmed to
the Hunter who then buys his toddler
a day worth of sustenance, stalked by a
tigers lope, bare milk-white teeth.

Child slumbers, satisfied
with milk and sausage fingers to suck
blanketed in lucid dream of a
Tigers lope, bare milk-white teeth-

Cubs eyes trained on wheat,
ears perked skyward,
studying the means of meals while
tigers lope, bare milk-white teeth.

‘Til cub is grown,
mouths to help feed,
so he takes his journey, and
tigers lope, bare milk-white teeth.

Christ Man

You say sincerity is weakness,

simplicity when I speak-

Say I’m naive to the dangers

That catch me while I sleep.

Say joy, too far a journey,

and happiness worlds away;

that life will teach us , learn we

will have a price to pay.

Still our cost was taken,

on the shoulders of Christ man-

He has never forsaken,

In God’s perfect plan.

Robe of Grace



Not our core.

still they nestle, settle;


with vehement tenacity

to that starving shadow.

Gaze on the accessories

for definition,

instead of who you are

through the robe of



Whisper of a prayer,

course of a tear;

wipe his feet with hair,

love casts out all fear.

Simplicity in dance,

overflowing heart-

clarity in chance

life’s, quiet start.

Flame of Hate

Fire in the head,

courses to the heart;

catch despair’s dry brush

raging hate to start.

Hate, greed by nature,

consumes a whole man-

clenched-fist, defiant,

makes a vengeance plan.

Sudden knock to knees,

mirroring of our soul;

deception and sin,

person that’s not whole.

Time to ask, forgive!

turn, let go old rope,

ask fill of faith, love,

with frail, newborn hope.

Remember Your Creator

Sense seems louder than wisdom,
unlimited stretch of time-
brick by brick build your kingdom
toe over toe make your climb.


Take every step where He leads you,
everywhere, sometimes with fears-
though friends on this road are so few,
and there can be many tears.

So many choices and road forks,
most of them are not smooth-
still aim your youthful sparks,
recall your creator in youth.