Dwelling by shade trees,

toes inches from sun’s fierce heat-

Cheerful apathy.


Tuck away the Words;

Don all the solemnity,

lack the blazing hope.

People I Reblog

I am finding a part of WordPress frustrating lately. When I first reblog, it shows up ok. The next day, I can’t find it. It leaves the title behind, but that’s it. I try to share stuff I think will bless people in some way. Does any one of my followers on here have this same problem? If so, how do I fix it?


No earth shattering,

Blow-up into tiny bits-

Scattered to cosmos;

Rather choose now, act-

What is most important now?

Puzzle, piece by piece.

Crying At Movies

Excuse my face, excuse my tears,

That minor key, it tickles fears-

Somehow crack with compassionate sound,

When numb I feel, the pain is found.

Images that strike my heart,

When things go down from happy start.

Hobby Friendships

He planted the seeds

Patted soil, gentle hands

Seed crushed, gives it life;

Our roots intertwine

Our iron sharpens iron

Create spurs create;

Intimate, fleshed out

Refract, rainbow, radiance

Vines on stone towers.

Know Me

Remind me

not to let

Breath of

grave and grim

Become my favorite


(Nor wounds

my badge of glory-)

Let not my preoccupation


as a scarf

to tell my story.

Still reach

without timidity,

don’t limit

our time;

Mind, mirror, and

music are still parts

I climb.

Don’t Wear

Family, school, my history,

In my line of life-

The friends that stayed, the friends

that prayed for my internal strife.

Sickness in the seasons

Heart I thought would tear.

Their declaration that I hold,

Not what I wear.