The schedule for today is as follows-

1. Put on layers of clothes. Take half an hour.
2. Put on your outside clothes; put on coat, hat, gloves (although you lost the mate to all your gloves, so you are wearing a mitten and a glove), and scarf.
3. Go outside, and rejoice at the beautiful, undisturbed whiteness.
4. Immediately go mess up the perfection with walking and impulsively dropping to do a snow angel.
5. Get up, slip back down. Realize your pants are really wet now, clear through your layers.
6. Throw a snowball at someone the same time they throw at you. Get hit in the face.
7. You have been out 5 minutes. Your pants are wet and cold, and your face stings. Decide to go in for hot chocolate.
8. Dropping everything you are wearing on the floor, you slip, pulling off your boot on the hard floor. Wonder if it would be safe to drive to the hospital if you broke your tailbone.
9. Stay inside for the next hour, nursing hot chocolate and watching youtube videos about dogs in the snow.
10. After the hour is up, repeat steps 1-9.

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