I made those eggs this morning,
The way he liked, with cheese-
and just a dash of pepper,
(gave me a little sneeze.)

I know I heard him shuffle,
to close the bathroom door,
And do his morning wakeup,
Turned on shower to pour.

He stumbled, half awake,
with his music blaring loud
Heard bristles as he brushed
his teeth,
Sang his songs so proud.

He appeared in the kitchen, and I smiled, caught his eye-
Then it happened, when he sat down,
He let escape a sigh.

A damper hit my spirit,
I was so distressed
In my eyes I fought my tears,
The opinion he expressed.

I over cooked? I undecooked?
Over seasoned bread?
Or maybe he’s not in the mood
wanted cereal instead.

I said sorry for the breakfast,
but really now, I tried-
It couldn’t be all that bad
Good mood had quickly died.

I was the worst cook in history,
Oh what could I do?
Remembered all my meats were leathery,
Stronger than a shoe.

He stared at me so puzzled,
Looking mystified-
then finally said, quietly,
Some sighs are just a sigh.

5 thoughts on “Double Meaning

  1. great one , but its really stressful when someone do not appreciate your hardwork and love for you , plus everyone is taste in food is different too and sometimes you can be do wrong in cooking but appreciation is like being thankful for the effort you made


    1. This is something that happens between my husband and I. He would sigh, and it wasn’t because he didn’t like the food, but because he was tired, didn’t want to go to work, etc. Unfortunately, I took it that he sighed because my cooking was bad. ☺

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