I wasn’t quite awake when I read the words, “He loadeth me, O blessed thought”. And I immediately reacted. I know! Why are you loading me down like this, God? I squinted then and realized the word I read was leadeth, not loadeth. Right…

It’s the end of week and I’m looking to be led out of overload, into order. I believe the One who orders the seasons—nature’s buds in spring, its stillness in winter, its colors in fall, and its ripe beauty in summer—can order my life and responsibilities.

Where is there disorder? Who might secretly be introducing it? Who is working for the good of others? Many will follow their destructive ways and will bring the way of Truth into dispute. In their greed they exploit with stories they have made up according to self-serving, one-sided opinion that holds little understanding of the Big picture. Does any of…

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