Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

fruits-of-the-spirit-LOVE“Christians are no different than anyone else in this world!” she said and I felt the sting of her words like a slap to my face.

Unfortunately in her experience she had encountered more than her fair share of those “Christians” who talked a good talk, but never walked the good walk.  People who claimed to be Christian but their behaviour was no different than any other person and in some cases even worse than a non-believer in a similar circumstance.  People who claimed their “Christianity” based on their attendance at church, the fact they were baptized, and tried to involve themselves in church activity as much as possible thinking that “doing” good would earn them a place in heaven.

It was hard to argue with her.

A former Pastor of ours had a saying and I think it’s a good one.  “Hurt people, hurt people.”

This is true in life…

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