All About Healthy Choices


Life has many challenges; some of which we can’t control. Then there’s the choices we make among the options that are available to us. At face value, some of these options may look DIFFICULT.


They may involve “things” we DON’T WANT TO DO or even ENJOY, but are necessary to develop and maintain the mental and physical health required to LIVE a CHOSEN quality of life.


So many readers comment that PAIN and SUFFERING are necessary before people are willing to change unhealthy lifestyles. I’m not entirely convinced of this. I don’t see people (who value life) placing loaded guns to their head and pulling the trigger just because they haven’t experienced the PAIN or SUFFERING of a bullet. I believe those people living unhealthy lifestyles simply don’t equate these unhealthy habits with “Russian Roulette.” In reality, the PRIMARY difference between the two is the time…

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