I don’t really do a whole bunch on nonfiction, but there is a phenomenon in our area I find quite intriguing and thought I would share.

Aldi is a food chain that tends to be a lot less expensive than, say, Walmart.  It also tends to do a lot better than Food Lion in our area, although the expensive store, Harris Teeter, can beat Aldi on their sale items.  This is probably irrelevant to my point, but I’ll continue.

Anyway, we shop at Aldi for a majority of our items so we can eat reasonably healthy without going broke.  Aldi has this policy that to get a cart, you need a quarter inserted into the front to get it separated from the other carts.  I guess it cuts down on the cars in the parking lot sustaining damage from carts.

The last few times I have been there, at our Mooresville location, there is a “floating quarter” cart offered to me.  It’s where someone has been nice (at least I assume) and left a quarter in there, and it’s the “pay-it-forward” cart, that people will offer to the next person coming in to have, on the condition they give it to someone else free.  It’s a “thing” here, which I thought was pretty awesome, and just wanted to share.

It’s some feel good fuzzies for the day.



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