Night Streets

Night streets it’s tearing still real,

Though cries are muffled

The innocence it steals.

Night streets it’s music in time,

It’s sales methodical

It’s percussive rhyme.

Night streets its tales have been told,

Its elations a delusion,

Its comforts so cold.

Adolescence and Parental Teaching

Half-conscious manual inserts,

rehearsal, ruminations, repetition.

Neurons, glia, travel by synapses,

clusters of values, ideas planted,

some rejected, some planted snugly.



(Neurons- a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body and that is the basic unit of the nervous system.

glia- supporting tissue intermingled with the essential elements of nervous tissue especially in the brain, spinal cord, and ganglia.

synapses- the place where a signal passes from one nerve cell to another

Definitions from and online Merriam-webster dictionary).


Knowledge legibly penned

To a heart,

conscience ‘s stage whisper;

Fear muddies the stream,

Wet smoke.

Mind swaying back and forth,

Intention to pin down

Control of that leg, that foot, that


To cross that threshold.

Then the rest of the body

will follow,

Peace tagging along,

Clutching the heels.