Vickie's Corner

I think I spent more than twenty four hours trying to figure out what love is. That’s just how complex the four letter word is. But just as I tossed and turned on my bed, my eyes landed on a certain purple hard cover book and instantly, I knew what love is.

Ask a random person what love is and they’d probably say it’s probably a box of chocolates on valentine. I might agree, only I have a better definition for love. Love isn’t a rose or tulip, it is more than vain materialistic gifts. It is more like….

The Genesis.

So, after God created the world, Lucifer was really jealous of the bliss humanity was entitled to. He knew he had lost and that really irked him. Since he couldn’t defeat God, he decided to anger God by making humans his little puppets. Humans, lured in by the fancy…

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