Fit Is a Feminist Issue

net-neutrality-thumbnailI’m a big fan of neutrality over positivity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to optimistic outlooks and affirmations. But I think the idea that we’re supposed to feel good all the time and be happy all the time is the source of so much dissatisfaction at the normal variances in day to day life.

In the recovery circles I move in we have a saying that I love: “life on life’s terms.” I interpret that to mean that basically I’m not in charge of the universe. Sometimes it will dish up stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily choose. These unexpected happenings can be what would ordinarily be regarded as setbacks, or they can be amazing little miracles that fall into my lap unplanned and unanticipated.

So that’s a nutshell background to set up my latest plug for body neutrality. I’ve blogged about this before. See my post “Here’s…

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One thought on “Still a fan of body neutrality

  1. I believe that ultimately, neutrality is what we’re aiming for. Sexual neutrality, body neutrality, gender neutrality – that’s the ideal. Problem is, I don’t believe society is there yet; by aiming for neutrality we are going to undershoot the mark, so I think if we aim for positivity we’ll hit neutrality. Interesting post though!


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