All About Healthy Choices

Publication1 CROPPED 450Enjoyment is defined as:

“the state or process of taking pleasure in something.”


To what degree do we actually SACRIFICE enjoyment without awareness?

This is an important question because many people equate enjoyment with immediate gratification. This is one of the primary reasons our country has a growing health and debt crisis. The phrase, “live for the moment” is often misinterpreted with devastating outcomes. It is NOT the same thing as “live ONLY for the moment.”

We are a society that tends to live life with an “ALL” or “NOTHING” attitude. We diet to lose weight without ever LEARNING to satisfy our nutritional needs for healthy long term weight loss. We cut up credit cards to reduce our spending without ever LEARNING how to budget for long term financial freedom. We approach life without a PLAN OF ACTION and can’t understand why “happiness” evades us.

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