Dreaming of Guatemala

I have spent my whole lifelooking for things to make me happy, to keep me occupied and bring me joy.

From hobbies, to people, to pastimes, Iam searching.

I don’t stay in one place for long; I am quick to leaveunfulfillingthings behind,to move on, in pursuit of better options. Therehave even been times whenI’ve optimistically returned to a dustyold interest,only to rediscover why Ihad abandonedit in the first place.

From interests, to friendships, to entertainment, Iam looking.

I have travelled far and wide on my search for the fulfillment I need to be happy, but I have come up empty every time.

From restlessness, to loneliness, to boredom, Iam wandering.

In the midst of these journeys, there is only one place that I always return to. It’s the one place that never disappoints, the one place that always nourishes my aching soul.

It’s in the arms ofmy Creator – the…

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