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I’m in #Volunteer training again. I was talking to a friend about how things are rapidly changing in the field closest to my heart; #Suicide #Crisis #Intervention. Traditional training doesn’t equip me to deal w/ Facebook Live suicides & the like. It’s a different day we’re living in & it’s hard to ignore that hypersensitivity is increasing while low moral restraints are at an all time high.

When I look around the class this year I notice I’m the only African American. As a native New Yorker who grew up submerged in all cultures, I’m unbothered. The common denominator to help others takes precedence. And if it were not so, many would agree that women are more likely to have impromptu Kum Ba Yah moments that cause us to move past differences in times of dire trouble anyway. In my experience however, it seems to be very different…

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