Years ago now, our infant held,

red curls and drool, the crying quelled.

Your long lashes brushed against your cheek,

five-o-clock shadow, widow’s peak.

A daddy who loves still, after twelve hours of work,

impatience controlled, under the surface to lurk.


Grew with her, and then more with our other,

tow-headed child, with hugs that smothered.


Said yes when you could, spanks when you had to,

teach background of movies, theatre and great food.

Barely registered passage of time,

the blur that it is, ’til you heard the clock chime.

Wish you would have had more time,

worked so hard, more life in your prime.


Girls are taller than me now, but not caught up to you,

Your expressions on their faces breaking through.


Generous, self-controlled, you’ve dealt with me,

held my hand when i couldn’t see.

Gave me what you could, would do without;

so I would be happy, you tried not to shout.

Let me cook, even though skill surpasses me there,

with all of us, you are tough but fair.


Hope you know that I love you,

because of who you are, not what you do.

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