See, there's this thing called biology...

honeyThere was an interesting discussion over at Wally’s, a bit of humor about how one does not become a Christian simply by going to church. That led to some talk of pew warmers, pew warmers being a bit like bench sitters at a softball game. There are some people who spend their entire lives in churches and yet never really get into the game. But what is “the Christian game?” It’s a great question, one that’s hard to define sometimes.

First off pew warmers, bench sitters, are not all bad. You can be sitting on the bench because you have an injury. You can be resting in the Lord and waiting to heal. You can be there to cheer your teammates on and provide some encouragement. Maybe you’ve been in the first half of the game and you’ve been rotated out for some rest.

But that’s not what comes…

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