Keri L.


I’m someone you know

I’m someone you love

I’m someone you’d never suspect

I’m someone in everybody’s life

You’d never guess it was me

You don’t have a clue of my shame

My secret is so big, and so very easy to see

But you turn away, refusing to acknowledge my pain

I’ve reached out for help so desperately

I whisper the truth, but I’m told it’s a lie

Because no one believes that person would do that to me

My tears are like rain, drowning my soul

My cry goes unanswered, an echo of fear

Trapped in this endless cycle, is there no way out?

There’s a monster in my life, but you’ve bound my hands

I just want to be free, but you won’t let me fight

And maybe I’m more than just someone you know

Maybe I’m someone who is much, much closer

And maybe, just maybe…

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