See, there's this thing called biology...

I really appreciate Literary Life, Rick Wilcox, his many words of wisdom and faith. He left me a comment the other day that I have been  unpacking and chewing on, contemplating.

“The meaningfulness of our lives is measured in faithfulness which always begins with the willingness to engage the world as it is encountered. Ours is not to write the script. It’s simply to be more like Jesus at the end of the day than we were at the beginning.”

Those are wonderful words that really sum up the entire nature of my walk with Jesus Christ. (Well, usually I am walking. All in good humor here, a few times I suspect  He may have actually been dragging me kicking and screaming, but we’ll just call it a “walk” for dignity’s sake.)

“Engaging the world as it is encountered……” Yes indeed, receiving the world as it is and not…

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