An Aspergian's Chemical Romance


I asked everyone last night to leave something positive in the comments ( and I would use it in a poem. Well, here it is. To tell the truth, reading the comments on my blog over the past month have really  cheered me up. I’ve realized that I have an amazing following, and you are all so encouraging and helpful, that I couldn’t feel sad anymore. My self-confidence may not be high, but knowing that there’s someone rooting for me, well, that makes me want to do my best.

Digging deep down

Infinity on High in the background

“Baby boy can’t lift his headache head”

“Isn’t it tragic?”

I know what’s tragic

not being able to conjure any magic

the words and emotions of  friends and strangers

I just pass it

Your hand reaching out

burns this devil

the inner doubt

never comes out

I never come out



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