Derek Maul, Monday and Friday

img_6728“Here’s what I think: I believe the goodwill, the pleasantry, and the gentle light shining from deep inside these folk is nothing short of one hundred percent natural. What’s abnormal is the dysfunction; what’s wide of God’s mark are the other 360-plus days; what’s uncalled for is this broken world’s unrelenting pain.” – Epilogue: In My Heart I Carry A Star

REASON TO LOVE CHRISTMAS! I read a sad post recently, written by someone who said they hate Christmas! They referenced hypocrisy, Christians behaving badly, religion in general, the way people treat one another, commercialism, war, hunger, poverty, and the continual stream of bad news that tells the story of a sad, broken, world.

Another person said they love the pretty lights, the decorations, the singing, the parties, and the smiles – but that they don’t accept the story of Jesus, or the idea that God loves us –…

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