All About Healthy Choices


How do you know if you have:

  1. high blood pressure

  2. high cholesterol

  3. diabetes

  4. cardiac disease (ex. enlarged heart)

  5. vascular diseases (ex. atherosclerosis {thickening of blood vessels decreasing blood flow})

  6. gastrointestinal malabsorption

  7. early cancer

without having a physical exam and blood lab panel to prove it?


In most cases you won’t know it! These are ALL conditions associated with CHRONIC INFLAMMATION that offer NO EARLY SYMPTOMS in most cases. This means that countless numbers of people are walking around TODAY experiencing REAL DISEASES without ANY AWARENESS! These are the same people reassuring friends and family members how healthy they are because they “feel great and have NO SYMPTOMS!”


“Feel Great, No Symptoms!”  “Feel Great, No Symptoms!”

How do you avoid becoming one of these DISEASED PEOPLE completely unaware that an underlying health problem ALREADY EXISTS?




This is a term that qualifies and…

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