You must have an angel
that stays at your side-
said mom with frustration,
tries anger to hide.

When you climb fragile trees,
and the branch doesn’t break,
climb the roof with Sam,
then jump in the lake.

Your friend locked you in a box
yet you were unharmed,
got lost in the woods,
and I was alarmed.

You say I’m dramatic,
about the times you fell head-first,
your skull looked cracked.

I worry constantly
with the battles you face,
but I think God watches you,
with His kindness and grace.


2 thoughts on “Guardian Angel

    1. I would say the same. I’m in a terrifying period when they are learning to form their own opinions/way of thinking. I’m trying to give them space, but there’s the worry the faith they were taught won’t be personal to them.

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