Attempts to scrub myself.
Bar soap’s the thing.
Castile soap more effective?
Dove’s body wash?
Exfoliating sponge.
Filthy is my heart.
Grand is his grace.
His heart powerful, yet kind.
Internal balm and lye,
just through His blood.
Killed, now alive.
Love conquered all,
meet Him at the cross.
Noble is His character.
Open His hand of generosity.
Perfect holiness intimidating.
Quiet, my downcast soul.
Rising prayer lifts to Him.
Somber, sober, searching.
Tentative, touch His scars.
Unhappy with my life.
Verses little treasures for my heart.
Word a perpetual feast.
Xenophobia extinct, all nations His.
Yoked with brothers and sisters,
Zeal tempered with love.


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