All About Healthy Choices

healthy_fast_food_lAs important as a bed side manner may be, it doesn’t add to the quality or duration of life if the patient isn’t willing to listen and modify their attitude and behaviors. I preface this so the reader can prepare for a certain bluntness this article may convey.

The title of this post is based on a new study showing Americans were eating healthier in 2012 than in 1999. This article quoted, “Poor diets dropped from 56% to 46% during that period.”

smaller plate

So why aren’t Americans getting healthier? Simple, statistics are frequently designed to add “credibility” to research, NOT REALITY! For instance, in this case, improvements in poor dieting was based on people “claiming” to have eaten more whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and fish while cutting back on sugar-sweetened drinks. On the surface this 10% improvement appears to be a statistically significant gain. When we look at the…

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