Mixed and Modest

My dad is Muslim and his side of the family is Muslim , devout muslims. My family lives in Katsina state, the northern part of Nigeria. For the first time I was invited to the Mosque.

My heart began beating every hour that it got closer to the time of me arriving to the Mosque. Even while I was driving to find the Mosque my heart kept beating.

I was, (not proud to say this).

I was scared. I was frightened. Actually.

I was scared because I knew that I was not muslim. I am christian, I did not wear the attire , and I didn’t change anything about my wardrobe. I didn’t take off my gold cross necklace, so I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I was in the basement with the other women, so it was a nice social area. The women stared, like you don’t belong…

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